EGA and Abu Dhabi's HRA come together to boost employment of Emiratis

United Arab Emirates, 2 September 2022: Emirates Global Aluminium, the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside of oil and gas, today, signed an agreement with the Human Resources Authority (HRA) of Abu Dhabi to further promote the employment of young UAE Nationals in the industrial sector.

Under the agreement, EGA will train 23 high school students who are registered in the HRA database and interested in developing skills related to technical occupations through EGA's long-running National Training Programmes. Upon completion of the one-year intensive training programme, successful trainees will be offered permanent contracts in operational roles at EGA's industrial facilities.

The HRA will continue to nominate additional candidates, with shortlisted UAE Nationals eligible to participate in a career counselling programme, after they have successfully passed the company’s admission tests and personal interviews held during the introductory workshop as part of EGA's National Training Programs.

Last year, EGA recruited more than 100 UAE Nationals, 73 of whom participated in separate training programmes, including the National Training Smelter programme, developed in collaboration with and sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority.

H.E. Amal Nasser Al Jabri, Director General of the Human Resources Authority, stated: "The signing of the agreement with EGA comes as part of our support for the industrial sector to help keep pace with the demands of future jobs. 

The agreement also enhances HRA’s Emiratisation efforts by developing the capabilities of job seekers based on international standards, further enabling citizens to find jobs while supporting their participation in the emirate’s sustainable economic development processes efficiently and effectively.

“This agreement is a fruitful strategic partnership with EGA, and we are keen to maintain the sustainability of the industrial sector and its competitiveness”. H.E. Al Jabri praised EGA's important role and its cooperation with the Human Resources Authority in supporting Emiratisation plans and strategies by creating job opportunities according to the needs of the labour market. “The Human Resources Authority seeks to achieve the leadership’s aspirations by enhancing the institutional communications and partnerships between various entities to invest in human capital and contribute to build a skilled Emirati cadre capable of achieving the emirate’s development aspirations and contributing positively to the process of creating, development and prosperity in Abu Dhabi,” she added.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, said: “As a company with a high Emiratisation rate, EGA is committed to creating employment opportunities for talented UAE Nationals, laying a strong foundation for the country, and contributing to the development of the UAE's industrial economy. We are delighted to welcome these ambitious Emiratis to EGA and look forward to supporting their professional growth as they advance their careers.”

EGA’s National Training programmes develop young UAE Nationals for operational roles in EGA’s smelters and industrial facilities. More than 5,000 UAE Nationals have graduated from the programmes since they were first established in 1982. Many have gone on to pursue long and successful careers at EGA, with some reaching the highest levels of leadership in the company.

Almost 1,200 UAE Nationals now work at EGA. Over 700 of EGA’s Emirati employees are under the age of 35.

At the end of 2021, EGA’s in-focus Emiratisation rate was around 40 per cent. When considering the high number of blue-collar positions in heavy industry, EGA has one of the highest Emiratisation rates of any major company.