UAE aluminium industry supports Earth Hour for sixth consecutive year

Corporate commitment to energy optimisation and environmental protection demonstrated

Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”) and Emirates Aluminium (“EMAL”) – the UAE’s two primary aluminium producers – will demonstrate their responsible corporate citizenship by supporting Earth Hour 2014, which takes place from 20:30 on Saturday 29 March. The companies’ participation reflects a common commitment to optimise energy consumption and minimise the impact of their operations on the environment by implementing advanced technologies and adhering to strict operating standards. This is the sixth year that the UAE aluminium industry has backed this important environmental initiative, having first participated in 2009.

DUBAL and EMAL will become operating subsidiaries of Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) – the jointly-owned, UAE-based aluminium conglomerate being formed by Mubadala Development Corporation and Investment Corporation of Dubai through the integration of their respective aluminium industry interests. With the combined annual production capacity of DUBAL and EMAL set to reach 2.4 million tonnes per annum by mid-2014, EGA will rank among the top five aluminium producers in the world (outside China). Acknowledging the responsibility that comes with this position, EGA will aim to build a legacy of excellence for the UAE and the world through on-going innovation-based improvement, leading by example and benchmarking against the best.

“As in prior years, we will switch off all unnecessary lights, air conditioners, office computers and other non-vital equipment for the entire weekend, in a united stand with millions of people across the world,” says Abdulla Kalban (designate CEO & MD at EGA). He adds that, being 24-7 operations, the DUBAL and EMAL plants cannot be switched-off on an ad hoc basis. However, certain non-critical items can be turned off temporarily without compromising individual safety and/or plant security; or affecting production and plant efficiencies. These will be de-activated for the duration of Earth Hour.

DUBAL and EMAL employees are also being urged to support the initiative at personal level. For example, DUBAL’s Residential Area – which is home to some1942bachelor employees from DUBAL and EMAL – will mark Earth Hour 2014 by turning off all street lamps, flood lights and recreational facility lights; and resident employees will be encouraged to turn off their room lights and air-conditioners for the period. In addition, no company bus shuttles will operate to the city on 29 March. Instead, 1,000 Nol cards will be distributed among resident employees to encourage use of the Metro, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

Using the Earth Hour “I did it the light way” campaign as a central theme, employee awareness at DUBAL and EMAL has been raised through various communications channels, including email, e-posters, and bulk SMS-messaging. E-posters have also been sent to customers, suppliers and contractors to advise them of DUBAL and EMAL’s participation in Earth Hour 2014 and encourage them to do so, too.