GAC donates USD 250,000 to support UNICEF’s efforts against Ebola outbreak in Guinea

Guinea Alumina Corporation SA (“GAC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”), has today re-affirmed its commitment to investing in the social development of Guinea and the wellbeing of the country’s residents by donating a lump sum of USD 250,000 to The United Nations Children’s Fund (“UNICEF”), for use in the latter’s efforts (in collaboration with the Guinean Ministry of Health) against the current outbreak of the deadly Ebola fever.

With no effective treatment and no human vaccine against Ebola fever, the World Health Organisation has advised that education and hygiene are critical for containing and eliminating Ebola. Accordingly, the UNICEF project aims to help limit the spread of the disease through public awareness of the risk factors for infection. “This is an excellent initiative to manage the Ebola epidemic, and GAC is pleased to be in a position to make this contribution,” said Mamady Youla (Director General: GAC).

The donation from GAC is in keeping with the company’s track record of investing in community-based education and healthcare projects. To date, GAC has built six schools, four health posts, and three community centres; and drilled 23 community wells in Guinea. A further three schools and two health posts are under construction. The company has also engaged in vital community engagement activities such as adult literacy courses, road safety, education programs on HIV and AIDS, and malaria management programmes.