Full company support for ega national service employees

45 Staff Members Begin National Duty

United Arab Emirates: Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) has offered its full support to 45 of its UAE national employees who are among the first intake of Emiratis to the UAE government’s National Military Service conscription programme.

The EGA employees, who will begin their National Military Service on 20 December 2014, will receive full employer backing during their period of service. Compensation and benefits will continue uninterrupted for the duration of the young Emiratis National Military Service, while employees will also be reinstated to their positions, or employed in a position of equivalent nature and requirement, once they return to work.

“We take this opportunity of wishing our employees great success in their National Duty assignment,” said Abdulla Kalban (Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at EGA). “EGA wholeheartedly supports the UAE government’s nation-building initiatives such as National Service and Emiratisation and we are happy to comply fully with the rules and regulations set by the National Service and Reserve Authority governing the employment, reinstatement and career opportunities for employees participating in National Military Service training.“Upon completion of the Military Service training period, we look forward to our employees resuming their duties at EGA.”

EGA’s whole-hearted support of the programme reflects several key values of the UAE aluminium giant, which include to contribute meaningfully to the communities where the organisation operates and to deliver a lasting contribution to the UAE.