EGA’s recruitment of young UAE Nationals for trainee programme resumes after pausing at height of COVID-19

United Arab Emirates, 15 September 2020: Emirates Global Aluminium, the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas, today announced the company has resumed hiring young Emirati talent for technical roles through its National Training programmes, after a break in recruitment during COVID-19.

Since July, some 21 young Emiratis have been welcomed as the first batch of new trainees since the start of the pandemic.

EGA has focused on the recruitment and development of young talented Emiratis for decades. The National Training programmes helps young UAE Nationals develop their technical skills, enabling them to work in operational roles in EGA’s smelters and power plants.

Using a blend of online classroom and specially designed technical training, the latest batch of UAE Nationals joining the programmes are receiving both theoretical and practical education in a way that ensures the quality of learning, while maintaining the safety of the new joiners.

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, EGA’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are committed to recruiting and developing the best talent for EGA as an investment in our future. I welcome the new batch of young talented UAE National trainees to our company and commend my team for their efforts in resuming our National Training programmes, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.”

Ibrahim Al Bastaki, Director – Maintenance at EGA and a former graduate of a National Training programme, said: “Through a National Training programme at EGA, I was given exposure to various levels of technical and managerial skills through development modules with hands-on responsibilities and participation in numerous training courses and overseas conferences. This led to my learning, growth and a successful career path to where I am today, as Director of Maintenance. I am proud and privileged to have had the opportunity, which has taught me the rule of success ‘Aim higher, work harder, do not stop, push yourself and let every day be a new day of challenges’.”

Another graduate, Ali Mohammad, Technician - Process Control, also commented on the value of the programmes, saying: “My National Training programme enhanced my knowledge of important science subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry and helped me hone my language and communication skills. I received in-depth support and advice from my mentors at EGA and within one year, I was promoted from a technical operator to a technician working in process control and was able to start meaningfully contribute to the company.”

EGA provides a wide range of courses and programmes designed to enable employees to reach their full potential. EGA has run National Training programmes since 1982.

More than 1,000 UAE Nationals work at EGA. More than a third of the 1,800 people working in supervisory positions at the company are Emirati.

More than 600 employees have worked at EGA for at least 25 years, and each year the company celebrates those who reach this milestone.As a vital industrial company, EGA has continued operations throughout 2020. Whilst almost 1,400 EGA employees were working from home at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 5,500 staff remained at their posts protected by careful precautions. EGA’s on-site medical centres are permanently-staffed with 63 doctors and nurses, and the company is conducting an extensive, on-site COVID-19 testing programme amongst other protection measures.