EGA Showcased In State Of Green Economy Report 2017

Sustainability committed aluminium giant supports official launch of third annual report during World Green Economy Summit.

United Arab Emirates, 05 October 2016: As Gold Sponsor of The State of Green Economy Report 2017, Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) is delighted at the publication’s launch during the World Green Economy Summit 2016 that takes place in Dubai on 5 and 6 October 2016. Published by Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (“DCCE”), The State of Green Economy Report is now in its third cycle. As in prior editions, the report will present the discourse and findings of the third annual WGES while simultaneously showcasing the UAE’s green economic developments through replicable success stories, products, projects and progress against strategies.

EGA’s sponsorship reflects the company’s uncompromising commitment to operating according to sustainability principles. This is evidenced by a quest to produce ‘green’ metal by achieving zero harm to the environment and people, optimising energy-consumption, contributing meaningfully to the communities surrounding its operations, and more. Examples of EGA’s initiatives will be showcased in the report, notably the declaration of EGA’s products as suitable for green, sustainable building practices; and the award-winning work being done to minimise the impact of EGA’s operations on the environment.

“Our primary aluminium smelters in the UAE produce over 2.4 million tons of hot, molten aluminium every year – making EGA one of the five largest primary aluminium producers in the world. We are renowned worldwide for supreme quality, value-added and highest purity products, such that almost 90 per cent of our cast products is exported across the globe to at least 60 countries on six continents,” explains Abdulla Kalban (MD & CEO). “Achieving this entails large scale consumption of raw materials, particularly alumina, petroleum coke and liquid pitch. The electrolysis process to produce metal from ore is energy intensive. While these inputs are non-negotiable, the way in which we consume them is not. Our corporate culture is one of continuous improvement, always looking for a better way to do things – our focus consistently being on enhancing our processes and technologies to increase production while improving efficiencies, such as reducing our energy-consumption rate through technological advances. I’m pleased to add that EGA has set the benchmark in many operating parameters specific to aluminium smelting, making us a leading example for others.”

Kalban adds that, as a proudly Emirati-owned business, EGA considers it a privilege to support the ambitions of the UAE government and to promote the excellent work being done towards a green economy, especially within the country. “The WGES is a case in point,” he says. “It’s an initiative by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (“DEWA”) – one of our important business partners; and the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (“DSCE”) – of which one of our shareholders is an entity, alongside DEWA. The summit is rated as the premier international platform for strategic partnerships and innovative solutions with the aim of accelerating the transition into a low carbon, ‘green’ economy. This ranking reinforces the UAE’s already strong position on the global stage, highlighting the impact that our visionary leaders continue to make on the world at large.”

Having been an active member since DCCE’s inception, EGA fully supports and endorses the organisation’s efforts. “The State of Green Economy Reports, in particular offer a powerful platform for raising awareness of sustainability among influential audiences, thereby supporting the efforts of the world’s green economy leaders,” Kalban concludes. “We are honoured to be contributing in a meaningful way to the production of the 2017 edition.”