EGA promotes proprietary technologies and industry expertise at TMS 2015

Experts shared latest research findings, operating experience at global event

United Arab Emirates, 30 March 2015: Reaffirming the UAE’s leadership position in the international aluminium industry,representatives from Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) addressed business leaders, engineers and scientists from around the world at the 144th TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition (“TMS 2015”), which took place in the USA from 15 to19 March. A total of seven papers were presented by experts from EGA, representing both of the company’s core operating subsidiaries – Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”) and Emirates Aluminium (“EMAL”).

EGA’s vision is to provide the global economy with sustainable material of the highest quality, building a legacy of excellence in the UAE and the world. From inception in 1979, EGA has been committed to continuous innovation in the aluminium smelting process so as to produce the world’s best quality aluminium products, made-to-order and delivered direct to customers while achieving maximum operating efficiencies. Substantial investments have been made in technology development for over three decades, with all projects carried out in the UAE.

“EGA’s commitment to continuous innovation has been a key factor in our success and TMS 2015 provided the ideal platform for us share our technical knowledge and research with leaders in our field,” said Abdulla Kalban (Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer). He continued, “Each of the papers presented by our experts at the event were technically sound and well executed, receiving a very positive response from the organisers as well as industry colleagues attending the meeting. Sustaining relationships with our partners is important to us and we were pleased to host suppliers and potential technology clients at the EGA stand within the exhibition component of the event.”

The following EGA papers were presented at TMS 2015 by the individuals indicated:

  • “Factors Influencing Baked Anode Properties” – Khalil Saheb Mohammed Saheb Khaji, (Manager Process Control & Improvement, Carbon & Port)
  • “Baking Furnace Rebuild Strategy at DUBAL to Improve Productivity” – Amer Al Marzouqi (Senior Manager, Paste Plant & Kilns)
  • “A Model Based Study of Cell Electrical Preheating Practices At DUBAL” – Alexander Arkhipov (Associate Manager: Modelling, Technology Development & Transfer)
  • “Development History and Performance of DUBAL DX+ Demonstration Cells” – Nadia Ahli (Lead Engineer, Process Development, Technology Development & Transfer)
  • “World’s Longest Potline Start-Up at EMAL” – Ibrahim Obaid Al Ali (Manager: Potrooms, Reduction)
  • “Studies on Background PFC Emission in Hall-Héroult Reduction Cells Using Online Anode Current Signals” – Ali Jasim Malalla Mohamed Banjab (General Superintendent: Process Control, Reduction)
  • “From D18 to D18+: “Progression of DUBAL’s Original Potlines” – Sergey Akhmetov (Vice President, Reduction)

The proprietary reduction technologies developed in-house by EGA over the years have made the company a respected competitor in this sector of the global aluminium industry. Indeed, EGA’s DX and DX+ Technologies rank among the most efficient reduction cell technologies currently available.

Further efforts to develop lower CAPEX and even lower energy high amperage reduction cells have led most recently to the design of DX+ Ultra Technology. Five DX+ Ultra Technology cells are operating in the pilot Eagle section at DUBAL. By introducing various voltage drop reduction initiatives that address the key energy consumers in a reduction cells, DX+ Ultra Technology will achieve substantially reduced specific energy consumption than earlier generation cells.

EGA has also proven capability to retrofit existing potlines. Following a seven-cell pilot study, the remaining 513 pots in Potlines 1 to 3 at DUBAL will be replaced with D18+ Technology cells. The new D18+ Technology cells are the product of extensive in-house modelling aimed at incorporating more modern technologies and offering improved performance and economic competitiveness.

One of the industry’s premier events, the annual TMS brings together more than 4,000 experts in the materials field for an exchange of technical knowledge, leading to solutions in the workplace and in society. Held under the theme of ‘Connecting the global minerals, metals, and materials community’, TMS 2015 provided a platform for the global minerals, metals and materials community to connect. In addition to presenting technical papers at the event, EGA leveraged the opportunity further by using its exhibition stand at TMS 2015 to showcase the brand and EGA’s pioneering technologies in-house developed.