EGA holds Second Annual Rashid Awards

Awards ceremony highlights employees’ innovative ideas and performance excellence in Environment, Health, Safety & Waste Management

Picture: Winners of 2016 Rashid Awards for Suggestion Scheme (Gold)

United Arab Emirates, 23 March 2016: For 35 years, EGA has actively encouraged employee involvement and engagement in its quest to achieve performance excellence. Integral to this approach is regular recognition and rewarding of employees for their contributions to continuous improvement through submitting innovative ideas with measurable impact to the EGA Suggestion Scheme; and celebrating top performers in key disciplines – such as Environment, Health, Safety & Waste Management (“EHS & WM”).

In keeping with this tradition, EGA hosts Rashid Awards for EHS & WM and EGA Suggestion Scheme each year, using the forum to recognise the top achievers in both areas in the prior year. All EGA employees and executive management are invited to attend the awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the winners. More than 1,000 people attended the 2016 Rashid Awards, which took place in Dubai on 21 March.

Commenting on the occasion, Abdulla Kalban (MD & CEO at EGA) said, "The Rashid Awards recognise and appreciate those outstanding achievers – both individuals and teams – who have contributed measurable added value to our business in the past year. We attach great importance to these awards, which are an expression of EGA’s appreciation for the winners’ dedication towards fulfilling our vision of building a legacy of excellence for the UAE."

This year, fourteen Rashid Awards for EHS & WM were presented in six categories:

Best EHS Contractor Award
EGA Al Taweelah – Saif Bin Darwish
Guinea Alumina Corporation – SETH
Best Safety Awards
EGA Al Taweelah – Power Block 1
EGA Jebel Ali – Carbon & Port
Best Environment Awards
EGA Al Taweelah – Carbon Fume Treatment Plant
EGA Jebel Ali – Potrooms
Best Health Awards
EGA Jebel Ali – Carbon & Port
Guinea Alumina Corporation – Ebola Management
Best Waste Management Awards
EGA Jebel Ali – Carbon & Port
Best EHS Employee Awards
EGA Al Taweelah – Abdul Aziz Mohammad Boota (Reduction, Pot Lining and De-lining)
EGA Jebel Ali – Baseer Peringal (Carbon Maintenance)
Guinea Alumina Corporation – Fitsum Abusha (Tinguilinta Workshop)
EGA Al Taweelah – Shahnawaz Jahangir (Reduction, Pot lining and De-lining)
EGA Jebel Ali – Syed Summer Ali (Reduction, Cell Relining)
A total of eleven Rashid Awards for EGA Suggestion Scheme were presented, in six categories. The Gold Award winners, announced at the event, were:

Best Suggestion in Environment
EGA Al Taweelah – Satish Rajput, Lekh Nath Pandey & Vishnu Sankar from Reduction
EGA Jebel Ali – Julieto Monceda & Michael Alberca from Dock Operations
Best Suggestion in Health & Safety
EGA Al Taweelah – Praveen Kumar Rai, Arun Kapoor & Qurban Ali Naz from Carbon & Port
EGA Jebel Ali – Ravi Kumar Sharma & Sivakumar Ramalingam from Potroom Maintenance
Best Suggestion in Plant Sustainability
EGA Al Taweelah – Tufail Khan & Dibakar Pramanik from Carbon & Port
EGA Jebel Ali – Palaniswamy Sundararajan, Satheesh Manningal & Abdallah Jassem Al Hamadi from Casthouse Maintenance
Best Suggestion in Energy-Saving
EGA Al Taweelah – Thottakarai Seshamani, Vimalraj Rajamohan & Sunder Ramasubbu from Power Plant
EGA Jebel Ali – Kallempudi Prasad & Shanmugam Saravanabava from Power Operations
Best Suggestion in Innovation
EGA Jebel Ali – Ravi Kumar Sharma & Sivakumar Ramalingam from Potroom Maintenance
Idea of the Year Awards
EGA Al Taweelah – Faheem Khan, Leyson Ecuacion & Ehab Abdulkhaliq from Reduction
EGA Jebel Ali – Zakir Hussain, Venkateswara Rao, Reejan Joseph, & Syed Fakruddin Jaleel from Cell Lining
The 2016 Rashid Awards ceremony also provided a platform for presenting Patent Invention Awards to the inventors at EGA, whose nine inventions have been submitted for patent application.

“At EGA, continuous improvement through innovation is a fundamental constituent of our corporate DNA, along with teamwork and a quest for excellence in all we do,” says Kalban. “Our people thrive in a culture where their expertise, knowledge and experience is valued and where they are empowered to make a difference. Acknowledging their contributions is not only the right thing to do, but also inspires them to greater heights – to our mutual benefit.”