CEOs of Siemens Energy and EGA meet to review project progress and discuss future cooperation

United Arab Emirates, 2 November 2020: The Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Energy, Christian Bruch, and Emirates Global Aluminium CEO Abdulnasser Bin Kalban have met to review progress on a highly-efficient power generation facility under construction at EGA’s Jebel Ali site and discuss potential future cooperation.

Siemens Energy is leading the construction of the AED 1 billion state-of-the-art power block at Jebel Ali, which will be the first in the global aluminium industry to use a Siemens Energy H-class gas turbine, a leading technology in efficient power generation.

The new power block will have a generation capacity of over 600 megawatts of electricity.

EGA generates electricity for use in its aluminium smelting and other industrial operations. EGA’s total electricity generation capacity is similar to that of New Zealand.

Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy, said: “EGA is the largest power producer in the UAE after the Abu Dhabi and Dubai utilities. We are proud to support EGA in improving efficiency and reliability while reducing emissions and costs, and we look forward to many more years of partnership and collaboration.”

Abdulnasser Bin Kalban, CEO of EGA, said: “Aluminium is used in applications that make modern life possible and contribute to a more sustainable society. We have a duty to also produce aluminium in a sustainable way. Siemens Energy is an important partner as we strive to continue to improve energy efficiency, reducing costs and environmental emissions.”

At the new power block, the giant H-class turbine itself was moved into place in a four-day logistical feat in February after arriving in the UAE by sea from Germany. Whilst construction continues, the team has begun energising and testing electrical, control, and auxiliary systems as part of early preparations for operations.

The first firing of the H-class turbine is expected in December. Full completion of the project is expected next summer.

Once completed, the new power block will replace five older, smaller, and less efficient turbines, which will be placed on standby for use only in emergencies.

The new power block is expected to lower greenhouse gas emissions from EGA's power-generation and aluminium-smelting operations at Jebel Ali by some 10 percent, while NOx emissions are expected to decrease by as much as 58 percent. NOx, which is also emitted by motor vehicles, is amongst a group of emissions targeted for reductions under ‘UAE Vision 2021’ to improve local air quality.

The installation of an H-class turbine aligns with the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint of power generation by 70 per cent and to increase energy efficiency by 40 per cent.

The new power block at EGA is being developed by JA Power & Water Co, a joint venture formed by Mubadala and Dubal Holding. EGA intends to buy power from the joint venture for 25 years following commissioning.

EGA is the largest ‘premium aluminium’ producer in the world, and the biggest industrial company in the UAE outside oil and gas.

Siemens Energy is a leading global energy technology company, operating along almost the entire energy value chain. Siemens Energy was spun off from Siemens earlier this year as an independent company with 91,000 employees and operations in more than 90 countries.