2015 EGA summer training programme commences

Annual initiative provides valuable work placement opportunities to Emirati students

United Arab Emirates, 03 August 2015: Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) has commenced its annual Summer Training Programme for 2015, providing valuable work experience opportunities to Emirati students from high schools and universities across the UAE. Running from 2 to 27 August, the initiative places students in departments within EGA that are relevant to their field of study, with internships typically covering divisions such as Human Resources, Finance and Marketing.

As one of the largest industrial organisations in the UAE outside the oil and gas sector, EGA contributes both to diversifying the UAE economy and providing long-term career opportunities for Emiratis. The annual EGA Summer Training Programme forms an integral part of EGA’s Emiratization strategy and aims to enhance understanding of the aluminium industry among young UAE Nationals while training them in business ethics and practices. Furthermore, the programme enables EGA to identify and nurture high performing students as part of EGA’s long-term goal to increase the proportion of UAE Nationals within its workforce.

“Our Summer Training Programme reflects EGA’s commitment to fulfilling the vision of the UAE’s leaders, who believe that improving the skills of Emiratis is key to accelerating the prosperity of the nation,” said Elham Al-Qasim (Executive Vice President: Human Capital at EGA). She continued, “Many previous participants in the EGA Summer Training programme currently hold senior positions within EGA, demonstrating the significant opportunities that our work placements can offer in the long-term.”

True to tradition, the 2015 EGA Summer Training Programme began with a special orientation session where the students were given a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to EGA’s major operations, including insights into its facilities and an outline of safety policies and procedures. Trainees were then assigned to a department within one of EGA’s UAE operating subsidiaries – Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”, also known as EGA Jebel Ali) or Emirates Aluminium (“EMAL”, also known as EGA Al Taweelah) – based on their field of study, qualifications and skill level.

A total of 70 students took part in the EGA Summer Training Programme last year. As in previous years, participants in the 2015 EGA Summer Training Programme represent a number of educational institutions in the UAE including high schools, colleges and universities. Available to both male and female students, the EGA Summer Training Programme is also compulsory for all university students currently benefitting from the EGA Scholarship Programme, which provides sponsored study to UAE National students who then move on to a career within the organisation.

Ensuring rewarding career and development opportunities, EGA currently provides direct employment to approximately 6,900 people in the UAE. More than 1,300 employees are UAE Nationals, with Emiratis accounting for approximately 38 per cent of staff in supervisory roles and 45 per cent in corporate positions. EGA is committed to ensuring a lasting contribution to the UAE and global economies, with Emiratization being a key component of EGA’s efforts to maximise its impact on the social and economic development of the nation.